Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is the perfect time to show your special someone how much you love them. It is a day of celebration, so it is important to get the perfect card for your friend or loved one.

The best way to find the right card is to have some fun with it and try out different styles until you find one that fits them perfectly.

Valentine’s Day cards are not just for women. The best Valentine’s Day cards are those that are personal, but also show that you put some thought into it.

To not have any ideas for cards and decor on Valentine’s Day is one of the most common reasons for not sending Valentine’s cards. But with our list of the top 10 Valentine’s Day card ideas for anyone, you will never forget again!

Some of these cards are created for a specific time and event, while others are made to be personalized. Be sure to pick from this list of unique card ideas that will make your someone feel special on this holiday!

In the end, creativity is all about making someone else happy. And what better way to show someone how much you care than by giving them a personalized gift? So go ahead and make your someone’s day with one of these 10 unique Valentines Day cards!

1. Make a 3D Heart Card

This bright and colorful Valentine`s Day card is sure to make someone`s heart burst with joy! Print out our simple 3D heart card template and follow along with our easy tutorial below to make your own heart card in no time at all

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2. Heart Ladybug Craft

Making heart-shaped animals is of course fun, and you can actually make a whole if you try. Today we feel like ladybugs. So, I’m going to show you how to easily make one heart-shaped ladybug card. You can use the handy template to make a card or draw your own heart. Either way, these Valentine’s Day crafts will be a huge hit with the kids.

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3. Paper Airplane Valentine Cards

Do you have children who like paper airplanes? Then you’ll love making simple Valentine’s Day out of paper airplanes. Whether your
kids make these cute airplane cards for Valentine’s Day at home in class, or for their favorite teacher or family member, they’re sure to be a hit! We made them for Valentine’s Day, but they will also make great handmade cards for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

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4. Fingerprint Love Bug Cards

Making fingerprint love bugs using fingerprint hearts and fingerprint patterns isn’t just for kids. Create a love bug for that special someone with these easy love bug ideas! Various celebrations and events offered a variety of ThumbBuggy Fingerprint Cards for DIY Fingerprint Cards. Scroll down to see all the fun message ideas for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, boring cards and thank you cards!

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5. Handprint Valentine Craft

These cards are easy to make and can be used for both Mother’s Day and Birthdays! You can choose any color you like and it’s easy enough for kids to get the most out of these cards on their own! Making hearts is a great way to practice drawing shapes. And writing a “message of love” on a postcard will remain a memory for a long time!

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You only need paper and glue to make this card. Easy to assemble, the puts a smile on the recipient’s lips!

6. Strawberry Valentine’s Day Craft Card

With this strawberry, valentine day card kids can give a handmade card to their family, teachers, or friends.

This is a super sweet Valentine’s Day card that kids can make for family members, teachers, or friends.

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7. Tic Tac Toe Valentine’s Day Cards

Tic Tac Toe Valentine’s Day Cards – Make these Valentine’s Day cards made with Cricut. Fun and simple crafts for Valentine’s Day.

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Hello 2022

Each end of the year brings with it many pauses for reflection, in 2021 MadzScapes had much excitement, MadzScapes was able to grow an Etsy shop and have had multiple 5 star reviews.

Also was accepted as a reseller of Cricut in South Africa, there was many hours spent setting up the website and then awaiting the stock release.

In the meantime the big retailers got involved and MadzScapes is no longer able to compete with their big stock purchases and major deals, The only interest anyone has had with MadzScapes and Cricut is looking for deals.

There was also a general less interest in any sticker creations or vinyl signage or even just general graphic design. This business has probably hit rock bottom at the end of 2021. These things have had a profound knock on effects and have forced this business to seek more an online means of reaching an audience and digital products have found a piece of hope…

Selling digital designs on Etsy has been the glimmer of hope that will pave the way forward for this business to live on.

Thank you to all of those far and wide that have stayed with this business and to everyone new, Welcome, MadzScapes will be bringing all kinds of How-to, DIY, craft projects that you can make with your craft cutting machine.

There will be many videos being added to MadzScapes you tube channel on craft cutting for stickers, hacks and projects

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I’m Kirstin Joy, Creator, designer, owner, operator and more here at MadzScapes. this business has gone through many transformations since its start in 2016. FUN FACT: Did you know MadzScapes began with chalkboards and chalkboard signage for restaurants and event functions. Hand lettering and hand painting these signs with either paint or traditional chalk.

Since… you know what… and children coming along this business fond it very difficult to manage painting walls, chalkboards, logos, client graphic design and vinyl stickers, it was so much… Another FUN FACT: MadzScapes is a women mom ( mom of 3) owned enterprise working from home.

You might know me from one of videos or posts on social media, this business has come a long way and is not your average blog, there might not be any picture perfect pictures and there might be a spelling error or a few, ( just know I probably stopped to calm a tear or feed a mouth), I love being a mother and working on this business of crafts and DIY make and do projects. I just love seeing how my children jump for joy when I make something new.

Onto digital art now, Creating digital designs and downloads for DIY craft, decorating and other design projects just makes sense for this business. For years MadzScapes attempted to supply physical products and the cost to make just far out weighs the price a customer was willing to pay. A pretty sad situation that has put this business to near closure.

Digital products ensure that MadzScapes always has stock of any project and its available right away, No waiting, No shipping and everyone is happy and you the client can make it yourself the way you want.

If you don’t want to buy a design then MadzScapes offers a wealth of online tutorials to make designing that much easier for you.

Find YouTube tutorials here

And here is what you can expect to find here at MadzScapes

  • Digital Art downloads- an image that comes to you as a download for you to save onto your computer, these designs (depending on the file type) can be used to print and cut your own stickers or use in your own digital designs.
  • DIY videos uploaded weekly to MadzScapes YouTube channel, showing you all the best how to’s for your designs or crafts.
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All About Kirstin Joy

I grew up somewhere on the west side of Johannesburg, it was like the wild west and had a crazy home life with my parents, growing up with the kind of ‘discipline’ that is illegal today… but we all survive trauma, (maybe a little maybe not so much) and spent my life drawing on walls and making crafts to distract myself until I was 18 and could leave.

I was accepted to study at the well known National School of Arts and achieved full colours in art and matriculated with exemption to study further. The Art school was the most fantastic place to be and I loved every minute of it.

Can you spot me- with my former long surname.

I will never forget my first day at the Art school ( or the years I spent there) it was magical everyone was so free, definitely not the militant types of place I knew , everyone was loud an happy and signing, music was always being placed and the school song was sung so loud and proud. It is still the most welcoming place I have been.

After matriculating I went onto to move to the beautiful Cape Town where I am based now and run MadzScapes from my home with my children in tow.

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