Hello 2022

That year is was…

Each end of the year brings with it many pauses for reflection, in 2021 MadzScapes had much excitement, MadzScapes was able to grow an Etsy shop and have had multiple 5 star reviews.

Also was accepted as a reseller of Cricut in South Africa, there was many hours spent setting up the website and then awaiting the stock release.

In the meantime the big retailers got involved and MadzScapes is no longer able to compete with their big stock purchases and major deals, The only interest anyone has had with MadzScapes and Cricut is looking for deals.

There was also a general less interest in any sticker creations or vinyl signage or even just general graphic design. This business has probably hit rock bottom at the end of 2021. These things have had a profound knock on effects and have forced this business to seek more an online means of reaching an audience and digital products have found a piece of hope…

Selling digital designs on Etsy has been the glimmer of hope that will pave the way forward for this business to live on.

Thank you to all of those far and wide that have stayed with this business and to everyone new, Welcome, MadzScapes will be bringing all kinds of How-to, DIY, craft projects that you can make with your craft cutting machine.

There will be many videos being added to MadzScapes you tube channel on craft cutting for stickers, hacks and projects

So here’s to 2022 and hope everyone stays happy and healthy

Thanks for reading


Creator/Founder here at MadzScapes

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